Friday, August 25, 2006

My coffee beans...

A few words from me, that's it! It is these that I will grind and brew for you. Might have a good aroma, or maybe some ncie flavour, sometimes just a li'l acidic... and once in a while one of those badly brewed ones that just give no taste. Would still love you people to taste it and help me be a better barrista or shut down my shop. :)
Some of you must be thinking how is it that I have come to be here. Well, since I had some free time on my hands, so thought it would be interesting to try out new things. Some of the stuff I offer might just be raw beans but you can still munch on them. So this was just me starting out and I hope you guys will at least come back and taste my first concoction. Have an invigorating day everyone!


Nissim Nabar said...

nice's to many more interesting posts and gr8 coffee from you.

sujay said...

i hope u still remember the three symptoms of excess coffee i told you-
1. constipation
2. hair on your palms
3. total denial.
so you sufferring from any? :)

Anyway, Go Mocha!

Ankur Kulkarni said...

Wokay! Pink begins blogging! :)
Welcome to our side of the universe :)

M A Janssen said...

Cool blog & love those beans!