Friday, September 15, 2006

We will miss you... Schumi...

I know this is a little late to put up this blog but couldn't help it. I had to have a blog dedicated to him on in my list. So this will be it. A short one to avoid being repititive of all those blogs written by friends.
Schumi... the man who made me watch F1. Another sport striked of my regular list. I havn't been following the sport that regularly after Schumi performed badly last yr. He was surely the greatest driver I have seen on the circuit. His talent on the wet, his tenacity, his determination to win (at any cost maybe but lets not take a very puritanical view of it all. Its a race afterall and everyone does such things to a small or large extent). I feel the same void I felt when Michael Jordan left Basketball for good. Coincidently he also bore the same name. The only thing that saddens me is the way people look at controversies more than the man's greatness in sport. He was criticised enough for his tactics but his brilliant strategies have not been applauded. He has done it all, from cunning tactics, controversies, brilliant overtaking, to tenacity and determination shown in winning a race with his mother hospitalised a day earlier, to coming back after multiple fractures to win races and secure championships with dominance.
All I want to say is Hail Schumi! We Love You! We Revere You!


zen babu said...

i disagree with kronecker man, god created the real numbers. see, if anything around us is real, if there is any physically measurable reality whatsoever, then the tools of that measurement must also exist, rather than be constructed artificially within human minds. comlpex and imaginary numbers are the only extensions we have provided to the existing numbers and number systems.

zen babu said...

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