Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sifting sands...

of time I found this piece of non-prose, buried beneath, something I had written back then, when I was reading non-canonised literature during a humanities course. I call it non-prose because I am not into writing and wouldn't want to hurt poeple by standing myself in the line of those who pen rhymes regularly. It was inspired by what I felt when I read about people who are neglected in society and literature which has been sidelined for social political cultural reasons. Also I haven't visited my own blog page for what might seem like ages. So some are free to consider this a filler. Anyways here it is...

Shifting Sands

Lying on the shore,
A grain among many more.
Touched by a wave,
Wet my skin, made me crave.
I rode it around.
Laughed and cried, felt no strain,
Going against the grain.
Thought heaven I had found.
Then it receded,
To the unfathomable back again.
Leaving me on the shore,
Lying naked.
As I await the touch, left in pain,
A grain among many more.

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